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Welcome to Majestic carpets

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We are a Hertfordshire based company, specializing in fine carpet, kilim and rug cleaning, repair and restoration. 


We are committed to provide you with the experience and expertise we have gained from over twenty years of collecting and caring for authentic and unique oriental carpets and rugs such as Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Afghan Rugs, Indian Rugs, Pakistani Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Antique Rugs, Navajo Rugs, modern rugs and many more, whether they are made of wool or silk.


We benefit from having inherited this acknowledgement and being the latest of a long line of weavers. We are pleased to share this experience and appreciation of carpets and rugs with you.


Whether your rug or carpet needs a routine cleaning, has suffered moth damage, has been flooded or is showing signs of wear and tear, we can assist you in identifying the damage and providing the most excessive professional care needed to restore your carpet's or rug's integrity and sentimental value.  Our aim is to ensure that you will be able to enjoy your carpets, rugs and kilims for many years & generations to come.



We are fully committed to providing our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about how to care for and preserve their rugs and kilims for years to come.

As such, we provide free inspections of all clients' rugs, carpets & kilims in need of repair or restoration. During these inspections, we provide detailed explanations of the various repair and restoration options available to our clients.  In addition, we provide clear and detailed information regarding the price of all repair and restoration options available to our clients.