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Buying an Oriental rug can often be a very difficult task. Colour, design, materials, cost and suitability for the space all have a bearing when purchasing a rug. Over the years, many of our customers have come to us for our expertise and knowledge on what and of course where to buy a fine oriental rug. We have built a relationship with many of the industries trade suppliers and importers of high quality oriental rugs, carpets and runners and we have been asked several times to source specific antique and oriental rugs on behalf of our customers and have done it with great success.

That is why here, at Majestic Carpets we offer a personalised rug sourcing service. This gives our customers the opportunity to find and buy high quality antique, oriental and Persian carpets and rugs at the most affordable and competitive prices. 


This unique service allows you to tap into our experience, expertise and contacts around the globe to find the a rug just like you have imagined it.

Maybe you know exactly what you are looking for, but simply cannot find it or you may have no idea what would work best in your space and would appreciate some advice and guidance.  Whatever the scenario and whatever your rug buying budget is, Majestic Carpets and our expect on oriental rugs is here for you to consult and help you find what you are looking for. Our team is passionate about handmade rugs and has the knowledge and expertise to assess the space in your home and offer advice and style suggestions.

Kashan Rug
Tabriz Rug
Tabriz rug
Nain rug

But how does this work?


A clear understanding of what our customer is looking for is of utmost importance when sourcing a rug; the margins in length and width that are available, the colours, the preferred pattern and designs and of course budget have to be established before the procedure can begin. The process begins by asking the customer some key questions: their budget, the size of rug they want, the room it is destined for and some images to give an idea of what we are looking for .

For those who can not really decide what type of rug to choose and need more information about rug types, our oriental rug expert can also offer advice on the size, style and colour of rug that might suit our customer's space.


You can either email us with the above information and pictures or you can arrange a no obligation visit from our expert and discuss your needs.


Once we have come to a decision or type, style, size etc. Our rug expert will then liaise with our suppliers until he has found a good match. Usually he gets it right first time, but if not, he repeats the process until the customer is happy.  

This process can take a matter of days to several weeks depending on the difficulty of the criteria for finding the rug (including working within budgets or unusual sizes)



As soon as we gather all feedback and details of rugs that may fit your choices,  we will pass them on straight away with details of size and cost as well as  many images as we can gather. Many rugs may be rejected by the customer before the perfect one is found but this stage is important to gain further feedback to perhaps refine the search criteria 



Once a rug is found that matches the customer's requirements and budget an arrangement can be made. Depending on where the rug is located we will bring the rug to you to try it in your space, discuss and questions you may have with our expert and you then decide if you wish to buy it.  

Isfahan Rug
Heriz Rug
Isfahan Rug
Heriz Rug

All rugs, before delivered to our customers are processed by our technicians for quality control and are accompanied by a certificate of origin and quality.

Why choose Majestic Carpets to buy your precious rugs

Experienced salesman on Oriental rugs

Our oriental rug expert will offer advice on the size, style and colour of rug that might suit your space better. We are here to help you make the best possible choice for your home.

Cerfified oriental rugs

All our rugs are accompanied with a certificate of origin and quality which contains details about the rug you are buying, such as size, kpsi and more.

Discount In Rug Cleaning

You will receive discount in all future cleanings of your precious rug you have purchased by Majestic Carpets

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For our expertise on all types of oriental rugs

With over 20 years experience on cleaning and repairing all type of oriental rugs, we have the knowledge and the expertise to source the right rug for you. 

Safe buying

You do not pay us any amount of money before you see your rug in your space and decide to buy it. Payment is made after you have seen the rug of your choice and have agreed on buying it.

Competitive prices

We will find your choice of rug in the most affordable price.

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We can find for you any type of fine Rug

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