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At Majestic, superior carpet cleaning, kilim and rug cleaning services are a not only our job.

This is our commitment to our clients, in order to provide the level of care and attention their handmade oriental rugs or carpets deserve.


There is no type of handknotted carpet or rug that Majestic, Oriental Carpet & rug Cleaning Ware can not handle. We are specialists for all Antique, Modern, silk or wool carpets or rugs, from Persian rugs, Navajo rugs, Turkish rugs, Moroccan rugs, Baluch Prayer Rugs, Turkish rugs, Pakistani rugs, French Aubussons rugs, Chinese rugs to all other handknotted rugs and carpets.

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In addition to regular vacuuming, you will prolong the life of your oriental carpets or rugs, their look and value by performing regular maintenance.


Our team consists of experienced craftspeople who clean rugs, kilims and oriental carpets using effective and safe cleaning methods.  Our oriental carpet and rug cleaners begin the process by providing a detailed pre - inspection of every rug or oriental carpet to ensure that they will apply the best throughout cleaning that fits best, without damaging the rug's fibers and colours.

Our "Majestic" Cleaning Process

At Majestic, in order to achive the best cleaning results, your rug will undertake a colour fastness test before we begin with the cleaning process.

If your rug fails the test we will use specific methods, like dry cleaning.


We also inspect the rug for stains or if it smells or has pet odours and urines.  If so, we pre - treat this areas. Please note than incases of stains the entire rug must be washed. We offer a complete treatment program for your precious area rug. We have the cleaning knowledge and the right equipment to manage every stain and provide to your rug the deep level of cleaning it requires.

After inspection tests we go on with a thorough dry dasting.

We remove as much dust as possible from kilims, rugs or oriental carpets by using a special and innovating rug & carpet duster. You will be amazed by the dust that is left over after the use of our special machine on rugs - something that can not be done only by hand.

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Fine carpets and rugs made with natural fibres need to be washed thoroughly in order to preserve them at their best.


By using professional rotary scrubbing machines, all rugs & oriental carpets will be washed by our expert rug cleaners for a pre - determened amount of time and according to the type, the material and age of the rug will undergo soaking in water and externsive brushing with environmentally friendly oriental rug shampoo, including the fringes which are important to be cleaned properly and with the right method in order to prolong their life.


This shampoo, specifically designed for oriental rugs, removes the stains formed over time while restoring the soft, fluffy texture rugs are known for. Colours will come out vibrant and bright.


Rugs that are too delicate for powerful machines are hand washed firmly but carefully.


Stains such as red wine, pet urine, tea or coffee are all common and can be removed  in most cases. It is always better to have these stains removed as quickly as possible for better results.


Once the cleaning procedure is finished, in Majestic Oriental Carpet & rug cleaning Ware the rugs are being prepered for the drying room. We extract as much water as possible with our special made for rugs spinning machine of incase of delicate rugs we try to extract as much water as possible by Hand.


Then we allow the rugs to dry in a special control temperature room without blowing heat on them to avoid the risk of wool shrinking, curling or changing shape and to ensure all fibers stay soft. It is carefully dried to prevent the development of mold and mildew.

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After all fine carpets or Rugs are being dried, at Majestic Oriental Carpet & rug cleaning Ware, we perform the final inspection and grooming to their pile, fringes and rolled & packed to be delivered back to you.


Notice that during the final inspection which is carefully proceeded, we may repeat the cleaning procedure in order to receive the cleanest rug possible at no extra charge.

At Majestic we haven't finished our work until we bring your rugs back and place them to your floor!

Our client's satisfaction is our top priority!


We do not get paid unless our clients are happy with the results!

Call Majestic Oriental Carpet & rug cleaning Ware and leave your valuables on the hands of our professional, experienced and guaranteed rug cleaners.

Our Commitment To Our Clients


At Majestic, we are committed to providing superior customer service. The customer is the center of our focus. The customer's needs set our limits and heightens our standards.

We are more than happy to answer any question or concern, but also to hear your comments and insights on any issue referring to the wonderful and Majestic world of Rugs, Oriental Carpets and Kilims.


So don't hesitate to contact us through phone at 01707 242878 or email us at info@majesticcarpet.co.uk

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We do provide free pick-up and delivery service to all of our clients in the Ware area. 

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