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The repair and restoration of all type of rugs is truly one of our greatest passions. To pour life back into a piece of woven art, to restore its beauty and make it last through the generations is our priority.


At Majestic, our oriental rug repair and restoration process is combined by the knowledgement and the experience of our professional technicians. It takes long time studying in order to be able to identify the complexity of the handmade rugs, and our staff is equipped with this knowledge combined with the extensive experience in providing professional rug repair and restoration services and the close partnership with a bespoken Iranian craftsman and his knowledge on hand made rugs, running through his family generations & tradition.

There is no oriental rug, carpet or kilim that we cannot handle whether antique, semi-antique or new.

We offer a complete range of repair and restoration services for Persian rugs, Navajo rugs, Oriental rugs, Baluch Prayer Rugs, Turkish rugs, Pakistani rugs, Afghan rugs, Antique rugs, French Aubussons rugs and Chinese rugs. We equally repair and restore machinery made carpets and rugs.


All our rug repairs and restorations are carried out by hand.


All rugs, kilims and carpets repair and restoration work is done by our expertize weavers. All our repair and restoration work is of the highest quality and all that in surprisingly reasonable prices.

Rug repair services, London, Welwyn , St Albans, Harpenden
Fringes repair in London, welwyn

Fringes and End Repair

The most common areas of repair are the fringes and the selvedges which is where all four sides of your rug is secured as needed. This amazingly transforms a worn rug into one that looks original and new. If  the fringes or the sides of you carpet are damaged it is important to repair them as soon as possible because if the damage spreads the pile can unravel permanently causing more damage to the effected area.

When it comes to fringes, Here At Majestic we provide four options.


Fringes Securing

Fringes Removal

Fringes Inplanting

New Fringes

We can either secure the fringes to fully secure and protect the rug from unravelling and keep the rug looking great, we can completely remove the fringes from your rug and create a selvedge to secure the ends, we can replace the part of the worn fringes by implanting new ones or reweave new fringes on both ends.

Oriental rugs after being cleaned and repaired

fringes repaired in St Albans
fringes repaired in Harpenden

Implanting new fringes

implanting new fringes London
new fringes in persian rug

Side or Selvedge Repair

The selvedges of the rug are the sides without fringe along the length of the rug. To repair the sides, we weave the sides with wool not only to protect the rug from unravelling but also to make it look clean and new.

selvedge repair in London, Welwyn , St Albans, Stevenage, Hatfield, Harpenden
side repairs in oriental rugs London
side repairs in persian rugs in Hatfield
repairing a selvedge in an antique rug in St Albans

For an estimation of the cost or repairs please contact us at 01707 242878 or 07539 903841 or email us at and arrange a free appointment with our rug specialists or send us photos of the damage because prices for these services are given upon inspection.


Our expertize team will assist you to choose the best option for you and your rug.

Holes Repair - Moth Damage - Dry Rot

Repairing holes in a rug is a two step procedure. The first and most important step is to rebuild the foundation of the carpet. If the foundation in not properly constructed, the repair will not be successful. The second step is to match the rug's original material to be used for the repair. We take the necessary time needed to match the color and the type of the original fiber in order to ensure that your rug will undertake a perfect repair work. Our Technicians match the original weavering technique to ensure that there will not be any difference between the repaired part of the rug and the rest of it.

We can reknott pile while recreating missing or damaged motifs, recreate missing motifs as in the case of kilims, reweave bald spots and holes.


repairing a hole in an oriental rug in London
repairing a hole in a rug. London, Welwyn , Hatield, Harpenden, St Albans
recreating damaged motifs.


reweave holes in a rug


repair missing side on an oriental rug
Moth Damage - Dry Rot
repairing moth damage in oriental rugs, London, St albans, Hatfield, Welwyn


repair dry rot rugs.

If you notice moth damage to your rugs, do not worry! It is not ruined. We can deal with it!

Out team has the skills needed to repair any type of damage caused by moths.


You will probably know that moths eat organic vegetable dyed wool but not cotton.

Since most oriental rugs have a cotton foundation, the foundation of the rug remains intact.  In this case the repair of moth damage is less expensive than that of a hole.


In cases that rugs have a wool foundation they will usually have a hole in damaged areas. This also can be repaired, but the foundation would have to be rebuilt as well.


So if you notice any signs of moth damage contact us to help you deal with it and stop the damage.

Dry rot is a condition that can occur in older rugs and fine carpets and is done during some conditions of wetness and mildew. The damage is done during these conditions and once dry the result is to have a rug with weakened fibers which can be broken. It is also has a dry appearance.


In this case the rug must be professionally cleaned and then apply any additional repairs needed to rebuild or reinforce the area of the damage.


Here at Majestic it is a repair that we definitely can handle.

We provide free pick-up and delivery service within London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.


In addition, you don't have to do anything!

We visit your home, wrap up your rugs and when they are ready we bring them back and we place them to your floor!

Our client's satisfaction is our top priority!


We do not get paid unless our clients are happy with the results!

We encourage all clients who would like to learn more about our services to please contact us by calling  01707 242878 or emailing us at


We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about our professional rug and carpet cleaning and restoration services.

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