Rug Repair Prices

silk persian rug repair in Hertfordshire

Each carpet or rug damage needs its special care.


At Majestic, we treat every rug differently according to the type of the rug and the type of the damage.


In order to make the best possible evaluation of your carpet's or rug's damage we advice you whether to use our free inspection service or to contact us by telephone or send us an email at attaching an image of your carpet's or rug's damage.

We can repair every type of rug such as Oriental rug, Persian rug, Indian rug, Turkish rug, Pakistani rug, Chinese rug, Navajo rug and many more.

We are experts in dealing with every damage in all machinery or  handmade wool rugs, silk rugs even in antique rugs.

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free delivery and pick up services in London

We provide free pick-up and delivery service and free inspection to all of our clients in the wider northern London & Metropolitan area, including Hertfordshire counties.