Rug Restoration Services

Complete Restoration

After a large period of time, even the best made rugs suffer normal wear and tear.

At Majestic we offer complete restoration to carpets and rugs that are antique and one of a kind.


Whether they have worn areas of holes and broken foundations or need colour restoration they can all be restored to its original condition.


repair services in our warehouse
rug restoration services in lONDON, WELWYN , hARPENDEN, STEVENAGE, HATFIELD

Restoration of water damage or damage caused by smoke or fire

At Majestic we offer complete water damage restoration services for all type of rugs.

The water damage can be in the form of staining,  mildew, shrinkage or discoloration. 

We also offer complete smoke and fire damage restoration services.  The fire damage can be in the form  of odour,  discoloration or int the form of staining.


Contact us for a free inspection and evaluate of the damage and our experts will provide you with the best possible solutions for restoring your rug to its former condition.

rug repaired from water damage

Oriental rug that has been streched due to shrinkage

Rug Dying - Imigration

At Majestic we have the ability to restore worn down, faded or heavily stained rugs with rug dyeing, a technical process that requires exntensive skills and training.

Many rugs damaged from sun fading or spills can be dyed back to it's original colour.


If your rug has any of these problems contact us for a 100% no obligation inspection and quote to restore your rugs beauty and value.

rug dying, colour run in oriental rugs

Resizing Rugs

Although at Majestic we do not recommend resizing your rugs because in that case we diminish its resale value there are certain circumstances for example sentimental reasons that the rug has to be resized in order to fit in a new location.


We can resize any type of rug or fine carpet at the desired dimentions and we can guarantee that it will be  completely secure and will last for generations.


resizing persian rugs, oriental rugs, London, Hatfield, Welwyn , St Albans

Stain Removal - Pet stain & odour Removal

With regards to colour run or stains from accidents or pet stains and pet odour we can help you by offering an invisible stain and colour run removal service. We advice you to contact us as soon as any type of accident has occured on your rug for a free evaluation and quote for removing the stain.


Regarding the pet stains, leaving pet urine untreated in rugs will definitely lead to other problems besides odour. For example urine can attract moths and cause moth damage. The longer the urine remains in the rug the darker the urine stain becomes and more damage occurs to the rug's foundation. Dry rot is also another possible problem.

You can trust your precious rugs to our expert hands and rest assured that urine stain and odour removal can be successfully done. We can guarantee that no chemicals or urine odour will remain in your rug.


stain removal from rugs

ink and wine stains

Heavily Stained and discoloured oriental rug

pet stain removal

Pet urine stains

For an estimation of the cost or repairs please contact us at 01707 242878 or 07539 903841 or email us at and arrange a free appointment with our rug specialists or send us photos of the damage because prices for these services are given upon inspection.


Our expertize team will assist you to choose the best option for you and your rug.

We provide free pick-up and delivery service within London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.


In addition, you don't have to do anything!

We visit your home, wrap up your rugs and when they are ready we bring them back and we place them to your floor!

Our client's satisfaction is our top priority!

We do not get paid unless our clients are happy with the results!

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